Sunday, April 15, 2007

Two Terrific Weeks

We have been home a little over two weeks and it has been wonderful...I cannot imagine life without our sweet Jaci. The flight home was absolutely horrible (Jaci cried for most of the 13 hour flight...) and we were so glad to finally land in Midland. We were met by Meme, Brandi & Bebe and they were very excited to see Jaci. Keith and I were both exhausted ... I was looking a little worn out & had been both wet & thrown up on.

We learned that Jaci had an ear infection so that is probably why she was so cranky on the airplane and we just finished our medicine so we are hoping that when we go back to the doctor on Wednesday that we can get some tests run. She has really come out of her shell and loves to play & laugh. She makes the cutest little face and LOVES to eat. Sleep time has been tough but we are finally getting her to fall asleep with less of a fight (and ear-splitting screams!)

We are absolutely in love with our little girl!! Here are some pictures...Enjoy!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Last Post from Guangzhou

Hello!! This will probably be our last post from China. We feel so blessed to have Jaci and appreciative that China has allowed us to adopt our little one. It has definately been a trip of a lifetime but I am really ready to come home. I am ready for Jaci to meet all of her family and to start our life out of a hotel room definately gets old fast.

Today, we met our group for the traditionally red couch photos in the White Swan Hotel. I was very surprised that Jaci was the baby that started all of the crying...before this, she had not really cried except when she was sleepy in our room. I think it was because neither Keith nor I was holding her and that scared her a little.

After that, we just relaxed and started our packing. We are so excited to get home!! Of course, we now have a 13 hour flight to LA, a 6 hour layover, and then on to Houston and then FINALLY home...YEA!! Mackenzie turns 13 (a teenager!!) the day we get home and we cannot wait to tell her Happy Birthday!!!

Here are some of the pictures from today...just will get to see little Jaci very soon and I know everyone is going to love her like we do.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday Afternoon

Hello! I am so sorry that I did not post yesterday...we were wore out and I didn't even check my emails...which is unheard of for me! Today, we went to a really neat zoo/safari. It was about an hour from our hotel and they had all kinds of great animals. We saw a giant panda, a red panda, lots of monkeys, elephants and giraffes. Then we loaded into a train and went on a safari where all of the animals are roaming around. It was the best day we have had sight-seeing.

We are enjoying getting out of the hotel every day so that the walls don't start closing in on us. XiXi has said that we are one of the most active groups she has had in awhile because we want to go do something each day. It really has made the days go by more quickly.

Jaci is a sweetie and she has really come out of her shell. She has really good lungs on her and can cry very loudly when she is unhappy. Fortunately, she is a happy & sweet baby 95% of the time.

It seems like we have been here a very long time and we cannot wait to see everyone. We were very sad that we missed Mackenzie's track meet and are very proud of her for making cheerleader. We hope that Logan's leg is getting better so that we can watch him run when we get back (we know you aren't missing having track practice!!!) We will be home soon and Jaci cannot wait to meet her brothers & sister. She is also really ready to be spoiled by Meme and Aunt Brandi. It won't be long!!!!

Friday, March 23, 2007


It is our last Friday here and besides being very was a great day. We went to a Buddhist temple today that is 700 years old. There were Buddhist monks and we even watched a little of their service. Keith and two of the other fathers walked up to the very top of the tower and took some neat pictures of the city. We then went to McDonald's and it was pretty good. Still did not feel like home...but close enough!

Jaci continues to blossom and bond...she now will only go to sleep if she is laying on me while I pat her. When I try to lay her down, the tears start. I am really enjoying the cuddle time so it isn't bothering me at all.

Tomorrow, we are going to a park and then to a toy store. We are looking forward to it and are counting the days until we get to come home.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Trip to Botanical Gardens

Hello! Today we went to the Guangzhou Botanical was green and beautiful. It was very peaceful & serene. We definately did not feel like we were in a huge city of several million people while we were there. It was alot of walking and today was actually pretty hot & humid so we felt like we even got a little exercise.

Keith and I are both struggling with sinus infections and XiXi took me to a pharmacy to get some medicine. We starting taking it today so hopefully it will work pretty quickly. We did not even feel like going on the river cruise this evening. Jaci is feeling better...her nose it still pretty runny but she has stopped coughing. She does have a rash but we think it is a heat rash and I picked up some lotion at the pharmacy for that as well. She did not get her full nap this afternoon either so she was a little cranky this evening but did go to bed very quickly & without crying much at all.

The baby in our group that was sick is doing much better. Her parents first took her to the children's hospital late one night because she was having a hard time breathing. The next day they took her to a western clinic and they said that her condition was pretty serious. They gave the parents a breathing machine so that she would not have to keep coming back to the clinic and she is pretty good. They did not think it was pneumonia but a bronchial infection. We are all very happy that she is better.

Tomorrow we are going to visit a temple and then a electronics mall. Our guide has told us that there are large 'malls' but they all have the same stuff...a jewelry mall or a furniture mall instead how our malls is very different. There is a McDonald's in the electronics mall so we are pretty excited. It is pretty sad when McD's is gourmet food!!!

I think nearly everyone in our group is experiencing major homesickness...we are ready to be back home. I am even ready to cook...and to clean...and do laundry... It isn't too many more days and we will be back with our sweet little one. Hope everyone has a great day!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Sorry I didn't post yesterday...I cannot get to the blog on this computer but I found a backdoor that I hope works. Today we went to the Guangzhou Zoo and it was very beautiful. Lots of big trees and very green. They did not have a ton of animals but it was nice. Jaci decided that she would nap in her stroller the entire time.

It has been pretty relaxing so far today...we rested for a little bit and then strolled through the shops near the hotel. Jaci did not get her full afternoon nap out so she is cranky. Tomorrow we go to the botanical gardens and then for a dinner cruise on the Pearl River. All of the families in our group are great

We have been here a week now and time really has flown by. We are VERY ready to be home. Jaci is crying so I better go help out!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

It's Official!!

Today, we went back to the Civil Affairs Office and Yang Li Hai officially became our daughter. We were interviewed twice and promised to love her and raise her always. They asked if we promised to never abandon her and to love her as our own. All of the answers were, of course, YES!!

We have discovered that our fiesty, outgoing little girl becomes very shy in front of others. She will babble, dance, and run around the hotel room but when we get in a group she clams up. That is a good sign that she is comfortable with us and is starting to bond nicely.

Keith took several pictures from the bus ride to the Civil Affairs Office. Driving here is very very are coming from all directions, people are walking all over the place, and there are bicycles weaving through traffic. I thought I was going to have a heart attack several times!!

We also had to take Jaci for her physical examination...she is healthy & did not cry during her exam. When the doctor used the tongue depressor, she came pretty close. She was a real trooper thru the whole process.

This evening, we are meeting our group for Cantonese food...we are being adventurous!! Hope everyone is having fun...I cannot believe that Spring Break is over!! There is a school right next to our hotel so I am thinking about everyone!!
I have several emails to respond to...I promise I will tonight! I have been so tired that I have been pretty useless after we get Jaci to sleep at night. I am feeling much better today so I will try to get a response out. Thanks for leaving us makes us feel much closer to home!!