Thursday, March 22, 2007

Trip to Botanical Gardens

Hello! Today we went to the Guangzhou Botanical was green and beautiful. It was very peaceful & serene. We definately did not feel like we were in a huge city of several million people while we were there. It was alot of walking and today was actually pretty hot & humid so we felt like we even got a little exercise.

Keith and I are both struggling with sinus infections and XiXi took me to a pharmacy to get some medicine. We starting taking it today so hopefully it will work pretty quickly. We did not even feel like going on the river cruise this evening. Jaci is feeling better...her nose it still pretty runny but she has stopped coughing. She does have a rash but we think it is a heat rash and I picked up some lotion at the pharmacy for that as well. She did not get her full nap this afternoon either so she was a little cranky this evening but did go to bed very quickly & without crying much at all.

The baby in our group that was sick is doing much better. Her parents first took her to the children's hospital late one night because she was having a hard time breathing. The next day they took her to a western clinic and they said that her condition was pretty serious. They gave the parents a breathing machine so that she would not have to keep coming back to the clinic and she is pretty good. They did not think it was pneumonia but a bronchial infection. We are all very happy that she is better.

Tomorrow we are going to visit a temple and then a electronics mall. Our guide has told us that there are large 'malls' but they all have the same stuff...a jewelry mall or a furniture mall instead how our malls is very different. There is a McDonald's in the electronics mall so we are pretty excited. It is pretty sad when McD's is gourmet food!!!

I think nearly everyone in our group is experiencing major homesickness...we are ready to be back home. I am even ready to cook...and to clean...and do laundry... It isn't too many more days and we will be back with our sweet little one. Hope everyone has a great day!!


Jeran Cannon said...

Coach and Erin,
I have loved ready about your travels and experiences! How awesome! Jaci is just beautiful! God has blessed you both so much! I hope you are all feeling better! Can't wait to see her...shouldn't be long, I know there's a track meet right around the corner and we have to get her broken into the sports world quickly! The pic of Jaci asleep on her daddy's chest is definitely a desk picture!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope your travels are safe and the rest of your trip great! Jeran

Debbie said...

We are all anxious for you to get back and to see little Jaci. Tell Keith I have quit 5 times already today! Bev and I plan on leaving for 2 weeks when you get back ;) Just saw the OAP perform in competition - they did great - results will be later today - you just never know with the one judge! Looks beautiful over in China - see you soon!

BeBe said...

The gardens are beautiful. Sorry to hear about you all feeling bad, josh and Jaci coughing, will pray for you all to get well and your friends little girl, too. Do they have the airborne you can buy, maybe everyone needs a dose. Keep those germs at bay.

I know you must be ready to be home, we miss you so much.

Shawna Dobbs said...

The pictures are beautiful-especially the ones with Jaci in them! Serena had a heat rash until we got home. The humidity along with the new soaps, etc... bothered her while we were in China, but she cleared up once we got home. It won't be long now before you all head home.
Enjoy McDonalds.